Launch of new Dru Yoga poster templates

We’re proud to present our new batch of Dru Yoga posters templates for all members of the Dru Yoga Professional Register… The 8 new pictures are:

They come in A5 size, with 2 posters on a page. Simply replace the text in the text boxes with your own details, print off and cut in half.

They have a white border so that you can print with a margin.

To view the posters:

Borderless if possible…
I do recommend borderless printing if possible, which means printing with no margins on all four sides of the page. This allows you to make a bigger posters as you are using the entire surface area. If you need to purchase a new printer soon, do consider getting one with borderless capability. If you’d like the borderless option, please email me at and I can send you the artwork.

Colour laser printers
You can also take your posters to your local High St print shop, who can print them off for you quickly on a colour laser printer. Colour laser printers produce sharper and brighter posters than those printed out on your home inkjet.

Let me know how you get on!

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How do you handle the fear of your dreams coming true?

What is your dream? What type of yoga teacher do you want to become? In fact, let’s take it further, what type of lifestyle do you want? What kind of people do you want to attract into your life? Do you want to travel? Perhaps you’d like to offer yoga holidays abroad?

Hmmm….. I’ve been mulling oversome of the reasons why we don’t necessarily tend to reach for the highest. Here are a few thoughts that might help…

Step 1: Believe you deserve it.

Most of us (at a very deep level) may not believe that we deserve to have what we want.
1.    Self sabotage.
2.    We give up just before a break through.
3.    We make excuses for why we can’t do it at all
4.    We make excuses for why can’t do it now “I’ll do it one day”

There are any number of reasons why people subconsciously may believe the universe doesn’t want them to have their dreams come true. Why is this?


1.    We don’t know how to make choices. Worse – we may even feel shameful about making choices. Why? Because as children we may have been told to shut up and do as we’re told. I know I was!

Perhaps children aren’t necessarily taught how to make choices in life. Is that why so many people are in jobs, lifestyles, relationships they would never have chosen for themselves –  that’s because they never did choose! Most of is just go along with everything.

 What’s more.. as children if we did make a choice that proved wrong we were punished, so how would we learn how to take risks?

2.    We don’t know how work with fear. Were we taught that fear is the prelude to exciting adventures? For example a child is scared at first day at school, did the parent say reassure her that that’s the way all the other children will be feeling and it’s perfectly natural, but not to let the fear stop her because then she’ll miss out on all the fun she’s going to have at school. That mummy will be there for her, drop her off at school and pick her up afterwards and that they’d go for icecream together to celebrate a great adventure?

Or did the parent say, “Don’t be silly, non of the other children are afraid. Stop being a coward” 

Are children taught that fear is good, that it means greeting the unknown as a friend? For you need to step into the unknown in order for your dreams to come true. 

Or is fear terrifying in itself? Crippling you before you even begin?

3.    Bad subconscious role models.  Take another bizarre reason… fairy tales!!! (Thanks to my good friend Ocean WhiteHawk for this one) Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Snow White – so-called heroines who are actually passive victims waiting to be rescued. In fact life doesn’t even begin for them until the handsome prince comes along to rescue them!! Do any of these ‘role-models’ make things happen for themselves? No!
These children tales go deep into the subconscious minds of girls, who grow into women conditioned into believing they can’t make things happen for themselves. Worse, the negative female archetypes of ‘wicked witch, cruel stepmother, envious step sisters, mothers who die and leave, ugly hag’ teach women to hate and mistrust their own kind. This is detrimental to life itself. Sisterhood is sacred but it is not honoured in the west… in TV dramas, media or movies.  No wonder we mistrust the help others can give us on our life quest!

I’ll be exploring answers to these questions in later blogs, but in the meantime I hope this has given you food for thought! Until next time.

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Local PR events – getting your name around

A great form of self-promotion is to be seen out and about within your local catchment area. For example… is there an annual fair or festival in your county? Why not contact the organisers and ask them if you can do free yoga taster sessions for the public? The answer will generally be Yes.

This gets you in the local newspapers, especially if you write your own press release and send your own photograph. (Make sure the picture is of you in a lovely, flattering yoga pose.) The chances of getting published go up dramatically if you supply both picture and writing. Send it to all your local papers and you might get in more than one publication.

Call yourself ‘local yoga teacher Sally Wentin, who offers regular classes in and around the Wirral…’ and include your contact details ‘if anyone would like to know more about the free tasters please contact Sally on…’

Include a quote from yourself “The Tasters are going to be really fun and you don’t have to be fit and flexible to try it. This is your chance to try and bit of yoga and see just how enjoyable it is!”

Reading the local papers It’s worth mentioning that it’s good to read your local newspapers; they are a great way of finding out what’s happening in your area, and what type of topics the editors like to cover. What’s more, if you see an editorial that features a topic that would appeal to your type of clientelle (natural health, fitness etc) then make a note of the reporter and send your press release directly to him/her.

If they don’t go for the bait before the event, then take pictures of you doing the actual free tasters on the day and send a press release afterwards!

This is a great way of raising your profile, being seen and often. Afterall… frequency leads to familiarity, familiarity leads to trust and trust is definately needed if you are to persuade someone to try your yoga class for the first time.

More soon!

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Your students are your greatest resource, so bribe them!

It’s difficult to get people to try something new.

For example, there are many local shops in my neck of the woods which I’ve never entered, because I’ve never entered them. I use the same shampoos, wear the same outfits, choose the same programmes on BBC Iplayer, buy the same groceries… in fact how many times do I actually do something completely new and original in my day? Not often.

The same goes for persuading people to try a new yoga class, or try yoga at all! Here’s a good tip to help make it as easier…

Shameless, good ol’ honest-to-god bribery….

Give your current yoga students a voucher offering him/her a free yoga lesson everytime they bring a new friend along. Use as many incentives as you can think of. Vary them, add to them, combine but do them!

Remember ‘telling is not selling’ so it’s always better to hand them something tangible which they take away with them. Ideally your yoga students will bring a new person every week! That way your numbers swell – and hopefully if the new person has enjoyed the class they will return… so your ‘loss’ of £7 is more than made up for by the regular attendance of your new students. In fact it’s best think of the £7 not as a loss of income but as part of your marketing budget.

There are a number of advantages to doing this:

  1. They will look for friends to recommend your yoga class to.
  2. Word-of-mouth recommendations are so much more effective and a lot cheaper than any advertising or promotion.
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How to use your business cards

One of the most helpful things you can do to promote yourself is to get some business cards printed. Begin with no more than 250, which is the usual minimum printrun. You wouldn’t want more than that because you’ll inevitably want to adapt the contents once you start using them. If you find yourself penning extra details on them then you know you need to add some details to the next batch.

Why are business cards so useful?

They are not just for networking meetings, (never found those very useful – the same people tend to turn up the local ones) business cards can be used everyday.

Senario: You catch a train and smile at the person sitting opposite. At some point in the conversation they ask you what you do and you hand over your business card as you say …”I’m also a yoga teacher”

Basically you hand over your business card whenever you introduce yourself anytime anywhere. Remember.. telling is not selling. People will remember you more if they take a card away with them, and they usually put it in their pockets/handbags/wallet. If you have had a nice interaction then people do appreciate being able to keep in touch without having to ask you for your number. A business card also positions you as a professional, which implies safety and quality of service. You can also leave a few at every hairdresser/cafe/supermarket noticeboard/GP surgery/newsagents…

A handy tip is to do a double-sided business card, single sided ones not only look cheap and suggest you are a skinfint, but they also waste a whole side on which you could be advertising. Even a picture would make the overall card more attractive and engaging.

Members of the Dru Yoga Professional register can have Dru branded business cards, which gives you added credibility and also saves you having to do your own designs.

If you have your own branding/logo you can also try, although it’s best to have your own designs and upload them as jpegs, than to use Vista’s templates which tend to look a bit naff. Also Vistaprint cards are recognisable as they have a specific custom size – narrower and longer than normal business cards – so doing your own design helps make them look more sophisticated, you don’t want to look like you went for the cheapest option.

If you need any help, get in touch. By for now!

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You are more interesting than your yoga class

Why are soap operas popular? Why do we sneak a look in shoppers’ trolleys to see what they bought? Answer’s simple… nothing interests us more than our fellow homo sapiens!

People are interested in people, and that is why some of the most popular and successful yoga teachers I know promote themselves more than they promote their yoga classes. Write up your ‘success’ story (‘My journey from office worker/NHS admin assistant/accountant to yoga teacher’ after a back injury stopped me driving’) and send it to your local publications  (newspaper/magazine supplements). Articles are much more cheaper and believable than adverts, so its worth taking the time to get them out there.

It’s worth bearing in mind that when you submit your carefully penned masterpiece to a magazine/newspaper that you are in fact having to sell it to two audiences  – first the Editor and secondly his/her readers. Editors would much rather print something about YOU than what you are advertising and the readers love a bit of gossip.

Where to start…

What’s your passion in life? Your background? How did you get into yoga in the first place? You might not think it’s relevant but pick up any lifestyle magazine and that’s what fills the columns… personal stories. In this blog I will be looking at the various ways you can ‘tell your story’ in a way that promotes your yoga class.

We’ll also look at sample press releases and many other things – such as how to take good promotional photographs. (Looking good in yoga clothes means dressing for your body shape of course, but posing well so that you look good in photographs is a whole topic in itself!)

Does a website help? How to best use a business card? How to price your classes, is it worth your while doing one-to-one yoga sessions instead? What to look for in a good venue, how to design a good poster, how to get word-of-mouth going… there is so much to discuss, so subscribe to this blog and stay tuned!

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