Creativity and stage presence blog

Samia’s second blog is an excellent resource-filled blog filled with lots of ways to increase your creative confidence, aswell as your stage presence for public speaking and performances of all kinds.

Creativity and Stage Presence Blog

On Creativity…
Why is it that so many of us feel that we are not creative people? Why does our mouth dry, and pulse race, at the very thought of having to think up something no-one else on the entire planet has thought of before? Read my valuable tips on how to increase your creative confidence…

On stage presence…
2 tips:

  • Getting a laugh. A safe thing is to use jokes that say something you can carry on from, so if the audience don’t laugh, they won’t know they haven’t. You can also cover your back by not laughing at your own jokes in case the audience doesn’t.
  • Never look at your watch it will remind the audience how long you’ve been talking and might create the impression that timekeeping is more important than them…

Read on!


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