About Samia Rani

Samia is a professional image/style consultant, graphic designer, marketer and dramatist.

‘I’ve been working in graphics and marketing for many years, and now have a design business ‘Creative Confidence’ where I offer bespoke services. Have also written and directed over 100 original stage productions, tried everything from little skits in living rooms, to full length musicals performed in a professional theatre – discovered ‘audience’ can be translated to ‘customer’ astonishingly well!

Dru Marketing manager & Head of graphics I joined the Dru team many a year ago – during which time I completed my B.Sc in Chemistry, and trained with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. I now work full time where I offer bespoke services in many manner of things.

I’m the one to contact if any of our Dru Yoga/Meditation teachers or student yoga teachers need any help with marketing their business; I can provide branding, posters, business cards, webpages, logos, any and all graphics. So if you need any help, get in touch!

What inspires me? …creativity in all its forms. I see it in everyone I meet. I adore architecture, literature, science, perfumery, spas… Although real abundance is not needing anything, as a wise friend once told me… How true! 

I love theatre and have spent a number of years researching what it takes to have real stage presence.

So do follow my blogs, a real store-house of resources, dialoguing with me when you get the chance.  Enjoy!’


3 Responses to About Samia Rani

  1. Diane Eardley says:

    Hi Samia,
    Just came across your page whilst browsing the Dru website. I am a Dru meditation and yoga teacher and am really pleased to know that you are here. For me advertising is one of the biggest blocks so it is great to know there is someone to help with this. At the moment I run 2 hour monthly classes rather than weekly classes so if I asked you to amend the text on a template from Dru Yoga Classes to Dru workshops would you be able to do that?

    • Samia Rani says:

      Hi Diane,

      Yes no problem, which template(s) would you like adjusted? I can send you those individually. Thanks for getting in touch. Samia

    • Diane Eardley says:

      Hi Samia
      I particularly like the template with the red and white ying and yang symbol in the background.
      I thought something along the lines of

      to include Dru Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation.

      but I am open to suggestions from the expert!
      Thanks – Diane

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