Finding yoga pictures for your promotions

We’ve all experienced the power of images, especially emotive imagery. Why does a picture speak a thousand words? An image communicates directly on an emotional level, which is the most powerful way to connect with a potential customer.

The Dru brand uses photographs and colour extensively to convey it’s brand values and quality. Not doubt in your own promotions, you too will be looking for photos.

It’s tempting to simply download the Dru photos from our website, however copyright isn’t transferable, so you will need to purchase or take your own photographs to use in your websites, posters (unless they are Dru branded posters) and other communications.

Where to buy yoga photos:

The great news is that you can now purchase yoga photos very cheaply from various websites.

Cheaper prices:

Medium prices:


Simply search keywords such as ‘yoga class’ ‘yoga outside’ or ‘meditation’ and you can choose from literally thousands of photos, each available at a sliding scale of prices depending on how large or small you need the file size.

Good hunting!

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