Why it’s worth popping into the Yoga Show 2011.

It’s been a while since my last post, but thought I’d drop you a line while we still have a few weeks left before the Yoga Show London, Olympia on 28-30 October 2011.

I will of course be there on our Dru stand (J1 and J1A) it’s our 8th Yoga Show and I do recommend a visit if you’re free.

1. Most of the Yoga industry will be there. You can check out the competition and find out what’s hot in yoga. Have you ever heard of yoga boxing?? Yep. Now I’m not suggesting you tailor your classes to include the latest trends but it’s worth seeing what IS popular.

2. It’s a good chance to browse the yoga shops (they usually have big stands) which have all the latest book titles, music and yoga accessories.

3. Talking of accessories, you can pick up nice discounts on some of the best yoga clothes ranges out there. Especially on the Sunday when they are trying to shift the last of their stock. It’s a great opportunity to try on different ranges and see which ones suit your body shape and personality best.

4. Networking; you can meet other yoga teachers and swap stories and tips. Hand your business card out to people who run yoga holidays. Why not offer your services as a yoga teacher on one of their ventures? Offer to teach the morning yoga sessions on a Thailand holiday and get your airfare paid. It’s a good way of earning your holiday.

5. You can try other types of yoga – there are lots of lectures, classes and demos.

Basically it’s worth researching the industry that you’re in and I do recommend it.

Until next time!

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