Launch of new Dru Yoga poster templates

We’re proud to present our new batch of Dru Yoga posters templates for all members of the Dru Yoga Professional Register… The 8 new pictures are:

They come in A5 size, with 2 posters on a page. Simply replace the text in the text boxes with your own details, print off and cut in half.

They have a white border so that you can print with a margin.

To view the posters:

Borderless if possible…
I do recommend borderless printing if possible, which means printing with no margins on all four sides of the page. This allows you to make a bigger posters as you are using the entire surface area. If you need to purchase a new printer soon, do consider getting one with borderless capability. If you’d like the borderless option, please email me at and I can send you the artwork.

Colour laser printers
You can also take your posters to your local High St print shop, who can print them off for you quickly on a colour laser printer. Colour laser printers produce sharper and brighter posters than those printed out on your home inkjet.

Let me know how you get on!

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5 Responses to Launch of new Dru Yoga poster templates

  1. Hi Samia

    Hope you are well?
    Like the new posters, but how do you down load them? only seem to be able to down load the images on the page?
    It would be nice to use the new posters here in Chiang Mai

    Love Richard

  2. Hi Sami
    Thanks for this – I would love some of the new posters – can you email them to me at

    Also thanks for your post about promoting your classes by telling people about yourself. I have been inspired and have written a blog post about my path to Dru, so that my students (and potential students) can read about why I love it so much.

    • Samia Rani says:

      I Love your blog! Do send it (with good quality picture of yourself) to all your local mags and papers. Tips:
      1. Use a Title that summarizes the story and grabs attention.
      2. Give 2 Title options, a short one and a longer one.
      3. Summarise your entire story in the FIRST paragraph as editors often cut articles form the bottom up. You’ll have to write this especially, for example, when I started reading it I thought it was an article about Sept 11, not about you. Also, readers may only read the first paragraph.
      4. Advertise your blog in your article.
      5. If you can send before and after photos of yourself then even better. Grazia loves this type of thing.
      Good luck

  3. Angela Needham RSHom says:

    please can I have the webblink to these posters

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