How do you handle the fear of your dreams coming true?

What is your dream? What type of yoga teacher do you want to become? In fact, let’s take it further, what type of lifestyle do you want? What kind of people do you want to attract into your life? Do you want to travel? Perhaps you’d like to offer yoga holidays abroad?

Hmmm….. I’ve been mulling oversome of the reasons why we don’t necessarily tend to reach for the highest. Here are a few thoughts that might help…

Step 1: Believe you deserve it.

Most of us (at a very deep level) may not believe that we deserve to have what we want.
1.    Self sabotage.
2.    We give up just before a break through.
3.    We make excuses for why we can’t do it at all
4.    We make excuses for why can’t do it now “I’ll do it one day”

There are any number of reasons why people subconsciously may believe the universe doesn’t want them to have their dreams come true. Why is this?


1.    We don’t know how to make choices. Worse – we may even feel shameful about making choices. Why? Because as children we may have been told to shut up and do as we’re told. I know I was!

Perhaps children aren’t necessarily taught how to make choices in life. Is that why so many people are in jobs, lifestyles, relationships they would never have chosen for themselves –  that’s because they never did choose! Most of is just go along with everything.

 What’s more.. as children if we did make a choice that proved wrong we were punished, so how would we learn how to take risks?

2.    We don’t know how work with fear. Were we taught that fear is the prelude to exciting adventures? For example a child is scared at first day at school, did the parent say reassure her that that’s the way all the other children will be feeling and it’s perfectly natural, but not to let the fear stop her because then she’ll miss out on all the fun she’s going to have at school. That mummy will be there for her, drop her off at school and pick her up afterwards and that they’d go for icecream together to celebrate a great adventure?

Or did the parent say, “Don’t be silly, non of the other children are afraid. Stop being a coward” 

Are children taught that fear is good, that it means greeting the unknown as a friend? For you need to step into the unknown in order for your dreams to come true. 

Or is fear terrifying in itself? Crippling you before you even begin?

3.    Bad subconscious role models.  Take another bizarre reason… fairy tales!!! (Thanks to my good friend Ocean WhiteHawk for this one) Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Snow White – so-called heroines who are actually passive victims waiting to be rescued. In fact life doesn’t even begin for them until the handsome prince comes along to rescue them!! Do any of these ‘role-models’ make things happen for themselves? No!
These children tales go deep into the subconscious minds of girls, who grow into women conditioned into believing they can’t make things happen for themselves. Worse, the negative female archetypes of ‘wicked witch, cruel stepmother, envious step sisters, mothers who die and leave, ugly hag’ teach women to hate and mistrust their own kind. This is detrimental to life itself. Sisterhood is sacred but it is not honoured in the west… in TV dramas, media or movies.  No wonder we mistrust the help others can give us on our life quest!

I’ll be exploring answers to these questions in later blogs, but in the meantime I hope this has given you food for thought! Until next time.

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