Your students are your greatest resource, so bribe them!

It’s difficult to get people to try something new.

For example, there are many local shops in my neck of the woods which I’ve never entered, because I’ve never entered them. I use the same shampoos, wear the same outfits, choose the same programmes on BBC Iplayer, buy the same groceries… in fact how many times do I actually do something completely new and original in my day? Not often.

The same goes for persuading people to try a new yoga class, or try yoga at all! Here’s a good tip to help make it as easier…

Shameless, good ol’ honest-to-god bribery….

Give your current yoga students a voucher offering him/her a free yoga lesson everytime they bring a new friend along. Use as many incentives as you can think of. Vary them, add to them, combine but do them!

Remember ‘telling is not selling’ so it’s always better to hand them something tangible which they take away with them. Ideally your yoga students will bring a new person every week! That way your numbers swell – and hopefully if the new person has enjoyed the class they will return… so your ‘loss’ of £7 is more than made up for by the regular attendance of your new students. In fact it’s best think of the £7 not as a loss of income but as part of your marketing budget.

There are a number of advantages to doing this:

  1. They will look for friends to recommend your yoga class to.
  2. Word-of-mouth recommendations are so much more effective and a lot cheaper than any advertising or promotion.
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