How to use your business cards

One of the most helpful things you can do to promote yourself is to get some business cards printed. Begin with no more than 250, which is the usual minimum printrun. You wouldn’t want more than that because you’ll inevitably want to adapt the contents once you start using them. If you find yourself penning extra details on them then you know you need to add some details to the next batch.

Why are business cards so useful?

They are not just for networking meetings, (never found those very useful – the same people tend to turn up the local ones) business cards can be used everyday.

Senario: You catch a train and smile at the person sitting opposite. At some point in the conversation they ask you what you do and you hand over your business card as you say …”I’m also a yoga teacher”

Basically you hand over your business card whenever you introduce yourself anytime anywhere. Remember.. telling is not selling. People will remember you more if they take a card away with them, and they usually put it in their pockets/handbags/wallet. If you have had a nice interaction then people do appreciate being able to keep in touch without having to ask you for your number. A business card also positions you as a professional, which implies safety and quality of service. You can also leave a few at every hairdresser/cafe/supermarket noticeboard/GP surgery/newsagents…

A handy tip is to do a double-sided business card, single sided ones not only look cheap and suggest you are a skinfint, but they also waste a whole side on which you could be advertising. Even a picture would make the overall card more attractive and engaging.

Members of the Dru Yoga Professional register can have Dru branded business cards, which gives you added credibility and also saves you having to do your own designs.

If you have your own branding/logo you can also try, although it’s best to have your own designs and upload them as jpegs, than to use Vista’s templates which tend to look a bit naff. Also Vistaprint cards are recognisable as they have a specific custom size – narrower and longer than normal business cards – so doing your own design helps make them look more sophisticated, you don’t want to look like you went for the cheapest option.

If you need any help, get in touch. By for now!

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