You are more interesting than your yoga class

Why are soap operas popular? Why do we sneak a look in shoppers’ trolleys to see what they bought? Answer’s simple… nothing interests us more than our fellow homo sapiens!

People are interested in people, and that is why some of the most popular and successful yoga teachers I know promote themselves more than they promote their yoga classes. Write up your ‘success’ story (‘My journey from office worker/NHS admin assistant/accountant to yoga teacher’ after a back injury stopped me driving’) and send it to your local publications¬† (newspaper/magazine supplements). Articles are much more cheaper and believable than adverts, so its worth taking the time to get them out there.

It’s worth bearing in mind that when you submit your carefully penned masterpiece to a magazine/newspaper that you are in fact having to sell it to two audiences¬† – first the Editor and secondly his/her readers. Editors would much rather print something about YOU than what you are advertising and the readers love a bit of gossip.

Where to start…

What’s your passion in life? Your background? How did you get into yoga in the first place? You might not think it’s relevant but pick up any lifestyle magazine and that’s what fills the columns… personal stories. In this blog I will be looking at the various ways you can ‘tell your story’ in a way that promotes your yoga class.

We’ll also look at sample press releases and many other things – such as how to take good promotional photographs. (Looking good in yoga clothes means dressing for your body shape of course, but posing well so that you look good in photographs is a whole topic in itself!)

Does a website help? How to best use a business card? How to price your classes, is it worth your while doing one-to-one yoga sessions instead? What to look for in a good venue, how to design a good poster, how to get word-of-mouth going… there is so much to discuss, so subscribe to this blog and stay tuned!

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